Finding The Richest Life: The Beginning

Two years ago I was living what most people would call the American dream.

Early 30s. Gorgeous loving wife. Three incredible kids… two boys and one girl.

A nice house in a safe neighborhood with great schools.

A job that matches my strongest talents and passions making 50k a year.

Annual Disney vacations with my family.

A lot of extended family living close by.

Perfect right?  But something kept nagging at me… I had something more to do. An adventure welling up in my spirit that I just COULD NOT shut up.

I felt trapped by this “perfect life.” The expectations of how I should be. I arrived and exited my workplace feeling unmotivated, under-appreciated, and, at times, depressed.  I started feeling this nudge toward something that I couldn’t define just yet.

After much soul searching, I started to realize this thing was called “Freedom”. Now, let’s stop for a second. If you’ve been around the internet long enough you probably think I’m about to throw the word “financial” in front of “freedom.”  Not at all!

When I first started to think about the concept of freedom, it had nothing to do with making more money.

You see, as I entered my 30s, I started to really think about what “success” meant for me. I was raised as a family-first kind of guy, and I always knew that I didn’t want to be the workaholic who spent his days earning money at the expense of great relationships and personal peace.

So, for me, the concept of freedom was much more about doing the things I love most: spending time with the family I hold so dear. Going on adventures and creating memories in these few precious years we have together. Nothing dominated my thoughts and dreams more than this idea of freedom.

If I’m honest, it didn’t take long to realize my income, and the 9-5 I was working to earn it, stood in direct opposition to those dreams.

I had to find some way of making a living that would provide for my family in the way I wanted to provide for them.  To create the life we’ve always dreamed of.

I knew being my own boss was the answer (and that it would be infinitely more challenging than just continuing to work my 9-5).  But, what was the vessel that could get me there? I started learning about real estate. I learned about blogging, affiliate marketing, list-building, e-commerce, Amazon selling.

The insatiable God-given hunger for learning allowed me to take in so much knowledge and add valuable tools to my toolbag during these past two years.

Reality check: You are expecting me to start revealing the one thing that brought me success and how I’m a millionaire now who travels the globe without a care in the world.


I’m still working my 9-5, making the same salary, and have profited less than $10,000 in my online business ventures. Pretty much everything I’ve tried I’ve FAILED  at in one capacity or another. 

BUT: In the past couple of months, something has clicked.  I’ve started to realize how all this time while I’ve been failing, I’ve been adding to my arsenal of skills.

I’m primed and ready to start turning all of this knowledge into the business that provides the life I’ve been searching for.

A life of relationships that define success. A life of health and wellness that allows me to hold nothing back in living the adventure. A life of freedom created by being my own boss in this business that will allow me to live the life I’ve always dreamed.

If you have read this far, I’m glad to have you onboard. Part of the reason I’m doing this is to have my own journal, but mostly I hope chronicling my ups and downs helps anyone walking in some of the dark footsteps of failure that I’ve been through.

I commit to you to be honest and never let a $ get in the way of my integrity with you.

Many see “riches” as all about money.

For me it’s all about balance of family, faith, health, and freedom provided by my business.

That’s why this website is named what it is.  So, let’s help each other, build one another up, and encourage as seek to have The Richest Life possible.